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Pure:Probiotic's formula contains 13 strains of active probiotics in addition to prebiotics and postbiotics to promote and support healthy intestinal bacteria.†

Pure:Probiotic provides broad spectrum gastrointestinal support and is ideal for individuals suffering with ambiguous gastrointestinal issues, gas/bloating, and general irregular digestion.†

Pure:Probiotic is also recommended to provide a healthy balance of gut bacteria, supporting digestion.†

Our unique fermentation process uses 95 different natural herbs and barks, cultured for 3 years to produce healthy, mature flora and highly bioavailable nutrients.†

Compare with other probiotic products, Pure:Probiotic is...
- Not freeze-dried (hibernating) flora, which typically only produces 2 or 3 strains of probiotics
- Non-dairy base (milk-free)
- No animal-based ingredients

  • Best for: Gastrointestinal Support, Digestion.†
  • Volume: 30 Plant-Sourced Capsules
  • Recommended Dose: 1 Capsule 3 Times Daily
  • Instructions: Take once capsule of re:vitalize Pure:Probiotic three times per day; once in a.m., once midday, and once at dinner. Take With Water and With or Without Food. Refrigeration Recommended But Not Required.

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  • No Added Stearates

  • Plant-Source Capsules

  • Probiotic fermented nutrients


Probiotic-Fermented Pure Blend

Probiotic-Fermented Pure Blend is a dynamic mixture of naturally fermented ingredients teeming with beneficial microorganisms. This potent blend promotes gut health by enhancing the balance of the microbiome. Regular consumption supports digestion, strengthens the immune system, and contributes to overall wellness, fostering a harmonious relationship between the body and its microbial allies.

Probiotic pH Matrix

Probiotic pH Matrix is a specialized blend of beneficial microorganisms designed to support a balanced gut environment. This unique formula promotes digestive health by fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria, aiding nutrient absorption, and contributing to a stable pH level, ultimately enhancing overall well-being and immune function.

Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) are beneficial microorganisms crucial for gut health. LAB promote digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, and maintain a balanced microbiome. Their presence supports the immune system, reduces inflammation, and contributes to overall well-being, fostering a healthy and resilient body.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Most suppliment companies do two things in order to make more money at your expense -- they put in the very bare minimum amount of raw ingredient that still allows them to make specific health claims, and then fill in the rest of their formulation with excipients and fillers (things like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide). This ultimately makes them ineffective and a waste of your money.

At re:vitalize we began by looking for whole-food based supplements that could support specific organ systems and deliver specific health benefits. We work closely with our lab to ensure the optimal dosing for optimal results and to drive specific health benefits.

  • All of our products are free of questionable excipients (binders and fillers)
  • Our lab clinically tests both raw ingredients and final formulations in our cGMP and USD-certified facilities to ensure purity and optimal efficacy (more below)

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