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Premium Pink Salt

Premium Pink Salt

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Use re:vitalize Premium Pink Salt daily in place of regular table salt to add robust flavor to foods and cooking. Premium Pink Salt is a blend of two premium, untreated, solar-dried sea salts which deliver critical trace minerals lacking in your everyday white iodized table salt.

Australian Sea Salt
The first sea salt in re:vitalize's Premium Pink Salt comes from the cool, unpolluted waters of the Australian Sea using the oldest method of obtaining salt: solar evaporation (vs. the traditional oven drying process which strips sea salt of its natural mineral richness).
Our process moves sea water through a series of evaporation ponds, while the hot, dry climate and gentle breezes hasten the evaporation process leaving behind only sparkling white salt crystals, containing valuable trace elements (not found in regular table salt).

Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt
The second premium salt found in re:vitalize's Premium Pink Salt blend is pink Alaea Hawaiian sea salt. For hundreds of years, this gourmet, solar-dried sea salt has been traditionally mixed with health-promoting, pink Alaea clay from the Hawaiian islands, giving the salt a slightly pink color, naturally dense in essential trace minerals. It is known as a sacred health salt by the ancient Hawaiians.

No Anti-Clumping Agents
We do not use flowing or “anti-clumping” agents commonly added to regular table salt such as aluminum hydroxide, refined sugar, stearic acid, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium phosphate and other undesirable additives.

  • Best for: Adding Trace Minerals
  • Volume: 1/2 Oz
  • Recommended Dose: 1/8-1 Teaspoon Daily
  • Instructions: Use Premium Pink Salt in your cooking or as a replacement for your regular table salt. You may also try making your own homemade electrolyte drink each morning, mixing re:vitalize Premium Pink Salt into 8oz of water and adding stevia or lemon/lime juice to taste.

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  • No Anti-Clumping Agents

  • No Added Stearates

  • Pure Vegan and Kosher Certified


Australian Pink Sea Salt

Australian Pink Sea Salt is a natural salt sourced from the pristine waters of the Murray-Darling Basin. Rich in minerals, it offers numerous health benefits, including promoting electrolyte balance, supporting hydration, and providing essential trace elements.

Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, harvested using traditional methods, is a health-boosting supplement. Enriched with Alaea clay minerals, it provides essential trace elements for electrolyte balance, supporting overall well-being. This unique salt, distinctively pink and flavorful, enhances health by delivering vital minerals crucial for optimal bodily functions.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Most suppliment companies do two things in order to make more money at your expense -- they put in the very bare minimum amount of raw ingredient that still allows them to make specific health claims, and then fill in the rest of their formulation with excipients and fillers (things like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide). This ultimately makes them ineffective and a waste of your money.

At re:vitalize we began by looking for whole-food based supplements that could support specific organ systems and deliver specific health benefits. We work closely with our lab to ensure the optimal dosing for optimal results and to drive specific health benefits.

  • All of our products are free of questionable excipients (binders and fillers)
  • Our lab clinically tests both raw ingredients and final formulations in our cGMP and USD-certified facilities to ensure purity and optimal efficacy (more below)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Hawaiian and Himalayan pink salt?

It's less important about the source of your salt as and more about the quality, purity, and drying process. Our blend of Australian and Hawaiian pink salts come from cool unpolluted water sources, are solar dried vs oven dried, and are free from anti-clumping agents found in most salts and salt blends found in the store.†

I've heard of people doing "ocean shots" with pink salt? What is this?

An "ocean shot" is taking a small amount of water (2-4oz) and mixing 1/4-1/2 tsp of pink salt and drinking it quickly like a shot. This can be particularly helpful before bed if you find that you're up throughout the night frequently urinating.†

But isn't salt bad and raise your BP?

There are anywhere between 80-90 additional trace minerals in our pink salt than typical table salt (which is just sodium chloride). When sodium is in balance with these other trace minerals, it often has a negligible or no effect on blood pressure. Of course always defer to your doctors recommendations.†