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re:vitalize weight loss & wellness

Bundle: Weight Loss & Metabolic Health

Bundle: Weight Loss & Metabolic Health

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This bundle includes our best selling Mineral:Pure, Hydro:Active, and Professional Grade re:vitalize Weight Loss Formula.†

Combined, these supplements are designed to support optimal fat loss and metabolic repair and are a core part of each re:vitalize members' supplement protocol as part of their Weight Loss & Metabolic Reset program.† 

  • Mineral:Pure provides essential polarized trace minerals to enhance cellular hydration and metabolic function.† 
  • Hydro:Active enriches water with molecular hydrogen to combat oxidative stress and improve metabolic and athletic performance
  • Our Professional Grade Weight Loss Formula utilizes a blend of over 25† ingredients to balance hormones, reduce hunger, and promote natural fat metabolism without the use of harmful stimulants.

We recommend you take 2.5 mL of Mineral:Pure daily, 2 tablets of Hydro:Active daily, and take 3 sprays of the Weight Loss Formula 3 times daily.

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  • Organic Ingredients

  • Plant-Source Capsules

  • No Added Stearates

  • Improves Metabolic Health

  • Strengthen Your Immune System



Magnesium, an essential mineral, plays a crucial role in various bodily functions. It supports muscle and nerve function, maintains a healthy heart rhythm, and strengthens bones. Magnesium also aids in energy production, regulates blood sugar levels, and promotes overall well-being. Its presence is vital for a balanced and thriving health.


L-Glutamine, a crucial amino acid, supports optimal health and wellness. As a supplement, it aids in muscle recovery, promoting protein synthesis and reducing muscle soreness. Additionally, it fortifies the immune system, enhancing gut health by supporting the integrity of the intestinal lining. Elevate your well-being with the precision of L-Glutamine supplementation.


Sodium is an essential electrolyte vital for maintaining fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contraction in the human body. It supports cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure and plays a crucial role in cellular communication. Adequate sodium intake, within recommended limits, is integral to overall health and wellness.


Potassium is a vital mineral that supports various physiological functions. As a supplement, it plays a crucial role in maintaining proper fluid balance, nerve impulses, and muscle contractions. Adequate potassium intake promotes cardiovascular health, regulates blood pressure, and reduces the risk of stroke. Supplementing with potassium enhances overall well-being and supports a healthy lifestyle.


Chloride is an essential electrolyte that, when combined with sodium, forms table salt (sodium chloride). It plays a crucial role in maintaining proper fluid balance, supporting nerve function, and aiding digestion. Adequate chloride intake contributes to optimal cellular function and overall health, promoting hydration and electrolyte balance for wellness.


L-Carnitine, a crucial amino acid, plays a pivotal role in energy metabolism by facilitating the transport of fatty acids into mitochondria for cellular energy production. Scientifically linked to enhanced exercise performance, it supports cardiovascular health by promoting the efficient utilization of fats, contributing to overall wellness and endurance in a supplement regimen.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Most suppliment companies do two things in order to make more money at your expense -- they put in the very bare minimum amount of raw ingredient that still allows them to make specific health claims, and then fill in the rest of their formulation with excipients and fillers (things like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide). This ultimately makes them ineffective and a waste of your money.

At re:vitalize we began by looking for whole-food based supplements that could support specific organ systems and deliver specific health benefits. We work closely with our lab to ensure the optimal dosing for optimal results and to drive specific health benefits.

  • All of our products are free of questionable excipients (binders and fillers)
  • Our lab clinically tests both raw ingredients and final formulations in our cGMP and USD-certified facilities to ensure purity and optimal efficacy (more below)

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