Fear No Food Book: The Last Weight Loss Program You'll Ever Need (Paperback)

Fear No Food Book: The Last Weight Loss Program You'll Ever Need (Paperback)

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Revitalize's co-founders share insights into the struggle of weight gain. Learn more about targeting your metabolism and imbalances by reading Fear No Food.

Praise for Fear No Food

“After all the years that I played in the MLB, I’m no stranger to great coaching—and the nutrition team at re:vitalize is among the best when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.”

MIGUEL MONTERO, two-time MLB All-Star, World Series champion

“As a former professional cheerleader and now mom of three, I’ve tried all the diets and tricks of the trade, and nothing has ever worked except re:vitalize! Dr. Abood’s approach was easy, straightforward, and the perfect roadmap to get back to the happy, healthier me!”

JENNI CROFT, Bachelor season 11 finalist, Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Miami Heat dancer, mom of three

“This book will do for you what Dr. Abood and Dan have done for
so many of my patients who have been wrestling with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other obesity-related diseases: take your nutrition and health to the next level. They will show you how to not only get back to your healthiest weight and self but enjoy food while doing it. I have unbelievable trust and faith in them both—and so should you.”

DR. TOM FIEL, former team physician for the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Brewers

“In an industry that profits from failure, Noel and Dan at re:vitalize are invested in long-term health and wellness for their clients. Their integrity is so refreshing! Even when their clients want to keep losing, they encourage them to stop and let their bodies take a break. Trust them; they know what they are doing.”

DR. KARI ANDERSON, myeatingdoctor.com, author of food, body & love

“Being on the road with a professional basketball team can make it challenging to keep unwanted weight off and difficult to decide on the ‘right’ foods to eat! Dr. Noel Abood, Dan LeMoine, and their team helped show me how to get the results I wanted in a short period of time and how to continue long after reaching my goals and to this very day. Check out this book if you find yourself needing to do the same!”

AARON NELSON, VP of Player Care and Performance, New Orleans Pelicans

“Since my playing days have been over, I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the camera and being a role model to other guys in the NBA. Dan and Noel have given me a blueprint to easily maintain my healthiest weight and keep myself in optimal shape. I’m as fit as I was when I was playing!”

EDDIE JOHNSON, NBA great, cohost of NBA Today

“The link between nutrition and performance is undeniable. Whether you’re looking to perform on the field, in your career, or in life, nutrition is key. Dr. Abood and Dan taught me that customized nutrition is the fastest way to achieve your health and weight loss goals. I look great and feel so much younger after re:vitalize. It is a definite game-changer.”

DR. JOHN BADOLATO, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, team dentist for the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks

“Most nutrition and weight loss programs are some combination of ‘eat less and exercise more.’ It’s time we rethink how we approach effective, sustainable weight loss. Look no further than this book.”


“This book is a must-read if you care about your health and want to change your life! I am a former pro athlete who struggled with weight issues, up and down! Dan and Noel showed me how to lose the weight once and for all: forty-one pounds in forty days, and I kept it off.”

TIM KEMPTON, sportscaster, NBA great

“Covering professional sports and athletes day in and day out, the link between nutrition and performance is undeniable. Whether you’re looking to perform on the field or in life, nutrition is key. This approach taught me that customized nutrition is the fastest way to achieve your health and weight loss goals.”

DAN BICKLEY, sports columnist, on-air radio host of the Bickley & Marotta show

“The re:vitalize team has found the right combination of emotional and mental support to layer over a sustainable health program that reshapes mind and body back to our true nature.”


“I used to eat like a fourteen-year-old kid whose parents were out of town, so needless to say, I got heavy. I had doubts about whether or not I had the ability or discipline to lose weight, but the methods of Dr. Abood and his staff alleviated those doubts quickly—and changed my life in the process!”

VINCE MAROTTA, cohost of Bickley & Marotta, ArizonaSports.com

“Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious food. Doc and Dan’s philosophy on whole-food nutrition will help you get healthy and still enjoy the food you love.”

CHEF MIKE DEI MAGGI, Executive Chef of the Phoenix Suns

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