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Hydro:Active (Fizzy Tablets)

Hydro:Active (Fizzy Tablets)

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Hydro:Active is a clinically tested molecular hydrogen water additive which turns your glass of water into hydrogen rich water.

Hydro:Active helps the body combat excessive oxidative stress at the cellular level. It has been clinically shown as a powerful anti-aging agent by improving parameters of metabolic health and metabolic function.

Hydrogen rich water has also been clinically shown to increase athletic performance by increasing VO2 max and time to exhaustion.†

Hydro:Active generates 8-10ppm of hydrogen in your ordinary drinking water for your cells to use to combat oxidative stress.†

Various studies have shown a broad range of benefits of drinking Hydro:Active — most notably showing improved alertness, metabolic enhancement, liver health, and enhanced aerobic fitness.

  • Best for: Metabolic Health, Anti-Aging, Athletic Performance & Recovery.†
  • Volume: 60 Plant-Sourced Capsules
  • Recommended Dose: 2 Tablets Daily
  • Instructions: Dissolve One Tablet In Water. Dissolve one Hydro:Active tablet in 12-17 oz of water in an open cup or bottle. Wait 1-2 minutes for tablet to completely dissolve and drink immediately. Does not need to be taken with food.

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  • Generates 10ppm of Hydrogen

  • Improved Alertness

  • Improves Metabolic Health

  • Reduces Liver Fat Accumulation



Magnesium, an essential mineral, plays a crucial role in various bodily functions. It supports muscle and nerve function, maintains a healthy heart rhythm, and strengthens bones. Magnesium also aids in energy production, regulates blood sugar levels, and promotes overall well-being. Its presence is vital for a balanced and thriving health.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Most suppliment companies do two things in order to make more money at your expense -- they put in the very bare minimum amount of raw ingredient that still allows them to make specific health claims, and then fill in the rest of their formulation with excipients and fillers (things like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide). This ultimately makes them ineffective and a waste of your money.

At re:vitalize we began by looking for whole-food based supplements that could support specific organ systems and deliver specific health benefits. We work closely with our lab to ensure the optimal dosing for optimal results and to drive specific health benefits.

  • All of our products are free of questionable excipients (binders and fillers)
  • Our lab clinically tests both raw ingredients and final formulations in our cGMP and USD-certified facilities to ensure purity and optimal efficacy (more below)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this actually doing?

Hydro:Active helps battle oxidative stress at the cellular level which helps with metabolic health, cellular hydration, recovery from exercise, increase in VO2 max. These benefits help support a healthy metabolism, and aid in anti-aging.†

How long should I take it?

This is one supplement that we generally suggest taking on an ongoing daily basis for it's cellular protective benefits and oxidative stress support.†